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Little Rockets - Blast Off On Your Reading Journey


Kathryn England

Kathryn England has four children and lives in Sydney's outer west. She has Irish blood in her so she knows all about leprechauns. She is yet to meet a real leprechaun, but if she were to run into one like Paddy she would invite him home so he could mend her old shoes. She has one ugg boot with a hole in the toe, one sandal that is missing its buckle and a thong with a broken strap.

Candice Lemon Scott

Candice is an Australian author. Her quirky style, fast-paced narrative and originality appeals to reluctant boy readers in particular. Following several years working in the media, Candice now devotes her time to her writing and to raising her two young daughters. She is also a Literacy Champion for the Municipal Literacy Partnership Program (MLPP).

Valerie Thomas

Valerie Thomas has always liked witches, and has written lots of stories about them. She used to live with a big black cat called Oscar, but she doesn't think she is a witch. For many years she was a school teacher, and often wished she had a magic wand. Valerie Thomas is the author of the popular Winnie the Witch series.

Janeen Brian

Janeen is a lover of words and an award-winning children's author with over 70 books published, ranging in genres from picture books to short fiction, non-fiction and poetry. She also has her poetry in fourteen anthologies besides having had over 100 stories, poems and articles published in children's magazines both in Australia and USA. With an early career in teaching and a later one in children's theatre, Janeen now believes she has the best job possible - creating with words.

Margaret Clark

Margaret Clark is the published author, nationally and internationally of 257 books for children and teenagers, her genres ranging from Hair-raising Horror, Adventures (Aussie Angels series), relationships and friendships (Mango Street Series, Chickabee series, Fat Chance and sequels, Hold My Hand or Else and sequels, and the darker side of life (Back on track- Diary of a Street Kid, Care Factor Zero) and fantasy (Web Watchers). Non fiction titles include Secret Girls’ Stuff and Secret Friends’ Stuff. Alice and the Airy Fairy is her first book for New Frontier.



Emma Stuart

Emma loved working on the illustrations for Katie & the Leprechaun. She doesn't have any Irish blood in her, but rather likes the idea of a leprechaun living in her local park. She sadly admits, though, that she is yet to meet up with Paddy Fitzpatrick. But she keeps looking, in the hope that one day he will be there sitting in a tree waiting for her.

Joe Spellman

Joe is a full-time professional artist specialising in acrylic, watercolour and commercial illustration. Joe was delighted to illustrate Hubert and the Magic Glasses and add to his increasing number of illustrated children's books.

Janet Wolf

Janet started writing and illustrating picture books in her home town of New York in 1981. In 1994, she moved to Melbourne, Australia, after meeting her future husband on a train from New York to Washington, DC. Janet loved creating Gertie, especially her red and white stockings. She had to do hours of research reading books, because she is yet to meet a real witch.